1-Shahin Poultry Hatchery:
1) Production and supply of advanced day-old chicks.
2) Rearing day-old chickens.
3) Safe egg production.
4) Production of safe chicken meat.
5) Production of milk from cows.

2-Ali Pharmacy:
1) Drug supplier.
2) Supply of vaccines.
3) Different types of advice.
4) Poultry and dairy feed.
5) Various types of equipment suppliers.

3-Shahin Poultry & Ali Agrovet:
1) Supply of all types of poultry equipment.
2) Construction of automatic and semi-auto sets.
3) Feeding system.
4) Dingkong system.
5) Layer chicken auto / semi auto cage.
6) Hatching machine supply.

4-Shahin Training Centre:
1) Poultry training in the light of practical experience.
2) Dairy training in the light of practical experience.
3) Training on Poultry Hatchery Management.
4) Primary treatment of cattle and poultry.
5) Training on vegetable and fruit cultivation.

5-Safe Food Zone:
1) Safe and antibiotic free eggs
2) Safe antibiotic free meat
4) Safe and antibiotic free milk
5) Safe vegetable production.
6) Safe production of fruits.