Considering the protein demand of the country, “Shahin Poultry Hatchery” started its journey in poultry industry in 1991 with only 40 chickens in Bheramara Upazila of Kushtia District. In spite of hundred adversities, I and my father (Mohammed Ali) have continued to progress with dedicated efforts and are playing an important role in building a healthy country and a prosperous economic development of the country by fulfilling the protein needs of the people.

Shaheen Poultry Hatchery always stands for the highest quality, producing and supplying poison and antibiotic free milk, eggs, meat, vegetables and fruits including production of day-old chicks through hands-on training of thousands of educated unemployed people of the country through modern scientific methods of work in agriculture and livestock sector.
At present, we are continuing to provide training and consultancy to the farmers new entrepreneurs, including the supply of various types of poultry farm equipment, control shed house, automatic layer cage construction. I have received the Bangabandhu National Agriculture Award 1421. Also, as a young entrepreneur, I have won the 13th City Small Entrepreneurship Award, Prothom Alo Agriculture Award, World Poultry Science Award, Deepta Agriculture Award and various district upazila and livestock awards.
I want to do a lot of work including creating new entrepreneurs for the country’s poultry, dairy and fisheries industries. Now I need everyone’s help, I hope you will help and support me from my side.
Our Mission:
Our aim is to inspire thousands of educated unemployed youth of the country to work in the agricultural sector through hands-on training and mentoring and to promote safe healthy toxin free and antibiotic free food and market food products.
Our Vision:
Our vision is to be recognized as the brand of choice in the market segments where we choose to compete by fully maximizing the values of our stakeholders.
Our Value:
Shaheen Poultry has always believed that any individual company never fails if it works with integrity. Our core values are customer centricity, integrity, quality and commitment. These values ??guide what we do and enable us to make a positive difference; We are a customer-oriented organization and believe in developing strong, positive and long-lasting relationships with all our partners.

1-Shahin Poultry Hatchery:
1) Production and supply of advanced day-old chicks.
2) Rearing day-old chickens.
3) Safe egg production.
4) Production of safe chicken meat.
5) Production of milk from cows.

2-Ali Pharmacy:
1) Drug supplier.
2) Supply of vaccines.
3) Different types of advice.
4) Poultry and dairy feed.
5) Various types of equipment suppliers.

3-Shahin Poultry & Ali Agrovet:
1) Supply of all types of poultry equipment.
2) Construction of automatic and semi-auto sets.
3) Feeding system.
4) Dingkong system.
5) Layer chicken auto / semi auto cage.
6) Hatching machine supply.

4-Shahin Training Centre:
1) Poultry training in the light of practical experience.
2) Dairy training in the light of practical experience.
3) Training on Poultry Hatchery Management.
4) Primary treatment of cattle and poultry.
5) Training on vegetable and fruit cultivation.

5-Safe Food Zone:
1) Safe and antibiotic free eggs
2) Safe antibiotic free meat
4) Safe and antibiotic free milk
5) Safe vegetable production.
6) Safe production of fruits.